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The Shroud by Thomas Stade - Unframed Christian Art
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The Shroud by Thomas Stade is an incredible work of art depicting the famous image from the Shroud of Turin believed by many to be the actual face of Jesus taken from his burial cloth. This unique work of art measures 12x16. Note from the artist: This unbelievable image is the result of a very complicated process captured from a pen and ink drawing I did about nine years ago. The process entailed extracting vector marks and value connecting. The whole process basically took the image from a negative to a positive image. Each value and value mark is what really is on the image itself, therefore representing exactly what the image itself shows and what you are really seeing. Basically what you are seeing is what Christ really looked like after his death. The swollen cheeks and probably a nose that is broken in at least three places. I was a skeptic of the shroud until I did this project, and I believe that there was no way anybody could have forged that image in those days or present day. This project was done for my own curiosity about the shroud and not for the sake of money or fame, but as time passed people started saying that this image needed to be seen by many, and I agree. You can only perceive this image in the way you perceive other things in life, it's you who has to decide. If you believe in this image and what it stands for then you may believe that there is indeed hope. God Bless. Thomas Stade. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

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