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No Appointment Necessary by Stephen S. Sawyer - 12 Unframed Options
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The tattoo is as old as Cain. In Jesus' time, condemned criminals were tattooed. Tattoos have marked those set apart or condemned as recently as World War II when our Jewish brethren perished. In the last few centuries tattoos have become more of an art form dedicated to some person or ideal. "Mom" was the most famous tattoo in history. It seems obvious that if Jesus were to shock the status quo in the 21st Century with a tattoo that it would say "Father". We should be quick to love and slow to judge, Anxious to forgive and repulsed by self-pity, Curious to understand and cautious to resent. There is no box in which we can place Jesus merely by his appearance. As we do good to others, let us not reserve our kindness only for those who look "safe" or "beautiful". However alarmed we might be at another person's appearance that is our problem. Tragically we too often make it the other person's problem as well. "No Appointment Necessary" is dedicated and conceived in honor of those children of God who do not appear to "fit in". Shall we remember the tragedies that befall those whose outer shell does not conform to the rules of the various clubs created by men and women? We thank you for understanding that we do not offer refunds on any limited editions or canvas giclees by Steven Sawyer. 12 Options available - see drop down box for pricing. All paper and canvas giclees are signed by Mr. Sawyer Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

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