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Nativity by Octavio Ocampo - 3 Sizes Available
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Unframed Print Many years ago in the town of Nazareth a young woman called Mary was praying. An angel named Gabriel appeared to Mary. "Fear not, Mary, for God has favored you. You will bear a son and call him Jesus. He will be great. His Kingdom will never end." An angel also visited Mary's fiancé, Joseph, while he was dreaming. The angel told Joseph the news and asked him to look after Mary and the special baby. Mary and Joseph were soon married and they shared a great feast with their family and friends. Joseph was a carpenter and he made lots of wooden toys for the baby. Mary sewed swaddling clothes and blankets for the baby. Soon it was time for the baby to be born, but Jesus was not going to be born at home. A Roman emperor ordered that people must return to their hometown in order to pay their taxes. Joseph came from Bethlehem, which was around seventy miles from Nazareth. Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem even though the baby was nearly due. Mary packed the things for their journey. They set off for Bethlehem. Mary was able to ride on a donkey. After several days Mary and Joseph reached Bethlehem. The streets were crowded, as many people had come to pay their taxes. All the inns were full. "No room at the inn!" said the innkeepers. Mary was very tired. A kind innkeeper took pity on Mary and Joseph and showed them to his stable. "You can sleep here if you wish. My animals will help keep you warm." Mary and Joseph prepared a place to rest in the stable. They filled a manger with straw to make a crib ready for baby Jesus. During the night the baby was born. At this time, on a hill outside the town, some shepherds were sat guarding their sheep. They heard singing. Then the angel Gabriel appeared. The shepherds were frightened. "Fear not," said the angel "for I bring you tidings of great joy. Jesus our Savior is born this very night in Bethlehem." The shepherds were thrilled by the good news. They left their sheep and went into Bethlehem to find the baby. They were guided to the stable by a bright light in the sky. When the shepherds found baby Jesus they knelt down before him in wonder. Many miles away in the East, three wise men saw a shining star. They knew the star was a special sign and they set off to follow it. Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar followed the star for many days. The star led them to Bethlehem. The wise men found Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. They knelt in worship and brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. When the people of Bethlehem saw this they also knelt in worship. The people were filled with joy now that Jesus their Savior was born. Since that special day, Christians all over the world remember the birthday of Jesus. This special day is known as Christmas. At this happy time of year people give thanks to God. Carols are sung in Church. Christmas greetings and gifts are sent to family and friends. Houses are decorated with bright colored lights and sometimes these are hung on an evergreen tree. Families enjoy sharing a celebration dinner together. 3 size to choose from. See drop down box for pricing.

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