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Make America Safe by Jon McNaughton is a thought provoking work of art that speaks of the need for a border wall. President Trump holds the key to American prosperity for now and future generations. If you have a special place worth protecting you always require permission to enter. Weeds crawl the fence and seek to overrun the garden of our beautiful land. This metaphor is the perfect word for those who steal from the American people and choke out the prosperity and safety of the garden of our homeland. A weed cannot be tolerated long before it grows out of control and chokes out the true plant that bears fruit. The only plants that should be allowed in the garden are those which are selected, planted, nurtured, and are properly placed. Otherwise, the garden will fail. This is our home, our place of safety, our heritage. American interests are more important than special interests. As the sun sets on a former time of mindless liberal policies that make America unsafe and un-prosperous, let us raise the wall and lock the gate to all who wish to come uninvited.
call 2108589707

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