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Jesus Walking on the Water by Norbert McNulty - Unframed Christian Art
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Jesus Walking on the Water by Norbert McNulty Unframed Lithograph Measures 18x24" This picture of Jesus Walking on the Water was painted in 1993. The actual size is 18 x 24 with a white border and the scripture "When you pass through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee...." Isaiah 43:2 Also, included is the story entitled: The Storm Burdened under the stress and anxiety from days of pondering and searching for the Messiah, Peter, soon to be the apostle, was working diligently casting his nets. Suddenly, supernatural power engulfed him and he heard a voice flow all around him. This voice cleared Peter's weary and distraught mind and filled his very being with comfort. One man, a Nazarene, had spoken: "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." The power with which these words overshadowed the fishermen dissolved any doubt in his mind as to who the person was. Peter had found him. This was the Messiah of Israel. As he felt the awesome power of the Christ, he immediately forsook his nets and followed the "perfect" stranger... Months later, Peter would again experience this identifying power and assurance. When sailing upon the Galilean Sea one night, a gale of hurricane force swept upon the disciples. As they attempted to steady their small boat, the seasoned fishermen realized that their very lives were in danger. Suddenly, without warning, they saw a sight that caused them to temporarily forget about the storm at hand. Their fear was replaced with genuine horror as they saw what seemed to be an apparition walking upon the water. The person was not effected by the elements! Was it a spirit? The water did not swallow him and his clothes did not blow in the wind! They cried, "It's a ghost!” Then a calm voice sounded above the rage of the storm, "Be Not Afraid, It Is I". Suddenly, Peter remembered the first time he felt the power of the voice of Jesus. It was on dry land when He had called him by saying "Come, Follow Me...." Peter knew if it were him, he could tell it again by this power a second time. He spoke, "Lord, if it is you, bid me `Come' unto you on the water." Then the figure standing upon the sea spoke with the same power... "COME." It was Him! Again Peter felt the awesome power of God envelope him and lift him from the boat and out onto the water. He took one step, two steps, and then another, each time stepping on the power of the word of Christ Jesus, bidding him "Come". Each step carried Peter closer and closer to the Creator of the Universe, the Lamb of God. The words of Him that spoke the world into being now with power and authority led Peter beyond the distance of his ability to swim back. As he looked around, his face broadcast these words..."I don't believe this!” According to the testimony etched in his expression, Peter began to sink. He fearfully cried out, "Lord save me!” Jesus stretched forth his hand and lifted him up from the sea and then walked him back to the boat where He asked him "Why did you doubt?”
call 2108589707

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