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A Friend Loveth At All Times by Christopher Creek - 4 Framed & Unframed Options
The unique christian art by Christopher Creek features "hidden treasures", images that are hidden in the artwork. The hidden treasures are both fun to find and add to the meaning of Christopher Creek's unique artwork. Hidden Treasures: 21 Lost Sheep 1 Lost Lamb 1 Hidden Dog Treat During our Savior's mission here on earth, He had to endure a lot of obstacles such as rejection, obstinance, ignorance, hatred, and physical abuse. Yet, He was perfect and always knew what to say and how to act, even under such heavy burdens. I find myself wondering if during those times when He would retreat to a private place, whether or not He would have enjoyed the company of another kind of true companion, one that would always be faithful, loyal and always glad to see Him. A great dog can often be just that way. And then I wonder if the Savior were to have a dog as a friend, what breed of dog would that be? I'd like to think that a herding dog like this border collie would be a great choice. Can you, once again, help our two friends find other members of Christ's flock that need to be returned to the care of the Good Shepherd? After all, we are often surrounded by lost sheep that need a little help finding their way. There are over 21 hidden sheep, a lost lamb and even a hidden dog treat for the Savior's furry friend. 4 Options Available - see drop down box for pricing.
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