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Thomas Blackshear
Thomas Blackshear II began his career in the world of illustration with an impressive client list after graduating from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Known for his dramatic lighting and sensitivity to mood, his work has graced a wide variety of products including 20 illustrations for United States Postal Stamps and movie posters for some of the industry’s biggest films. Turning his skilled hand toward depicting the truths of Scripture several years ago, Thomas desires to show viewers that the true source of his inspiration is from the Lord.

Thomas Blackshear is probably best known for his classic Watchers in the Night, portraying an angel watching over a sleeping child.  His Coat of Many Colors serves as a reminder to us how Jesus died for all of mankind, regardless of their national origin or color, and that He truly is an international God. Forgiven is another famous image that Thomas Blackshear has created, depicting the realization that Christ came to save us from sin, no matter how helpless we felt...

Thomas and his wife Ami currently live with their son Elijah in Colorado Springs.
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