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Norbert McNulty
Norbert McNulty was born in Philadelphia and lived in Virginia Beach since 1978. In 1960, Norbert joined the Air Force and served four years as a medical corpsman during the Vietnam era. In 1974, Norbert was inducted into the Ridley Township Old Timers Hall of Fame for Pole Vaulting. After his service Norbert married Elaine Duitsman from Minnesota. Norbert attended Greenlane Bible School in Pennsylvania and then began a career as an artist, taking advantage of his God-given talent that became evident in his elementary school years. Norbert was not only an athlete but an accomplished artist and cartoonist. Norbert cultivated his art talent to become a TV set designer for Pat Robertson and the 700 Club in Virginia Beach and for Anita Bryant in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Norbert's paintings and art work have been used by Christian ministries worldwide. His most noted painting is "Moses' Tabernacle in the Wilderness" exhibited at the Tabernacle reproduction in Lancaster, Pa., TBN's Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla.
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