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Mr. President by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available
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You are not alone Mr. President. The Lord, thy God, is with you always. I saw a picture this morning of President Trump in the Oval Office praying at his desk with all his staff behind him, laying hands on him and praying with him as well. As soon as I saw that photo, this painting crossed my vision and I knew i had to do it. We have not had a president in many decades who has done as much as this president has for our country and for the people. God knew that this man, Donald Trump, despite all the odds, was the man God wanted to lead our nation during this time. A man, a president, who has a close personal relationship with Christ and not afraid to tell the world. The Lord will continue to be with him for the rest of this term and into the next four years as well. I could go on and on of the many things the Holy Spirit laid on my heart and which needed to be brought out, but I think the painting speaks for itself. I saw a man who deeply loves the Lord, and all the great things the president has done for our country as well. Most of all I feel safe knowing our president knows and walks with the same Lord that I know and walk beside. Notice too, how our Lord (our advocate) is in constant intercessory prayer for our leader, especially during such a dark time in our nation as now. Knowing that our president listens and follows the Lord in the decisions he must daily make for our country gives me much hope and encouragement. Much thanksgiving, praise and honor to God almighty who guides our president's hand and mind. Yes, I too can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
call 2108589707

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