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Kate Austin
I always struggle a little when it comes to biographies, what can I say about myself honestly without sounding too positive or too negative. How would others describe me, these words are from a friend who has known me a long time, most of my Christian life; “Kate's paintings are reflections of her inner spiritual life. Just as her life belongs totally to Him, so also she lays the canvas totally open to Him to work through her. They are doors opening to a deeper understanding of spiritual truths and a way, which leads to a deeper intimacy with the Creator.” Ally Schooler For myself I would like to say that my life is devoted to loving and serving my Father God and my fellow being. Whether through painting, praying or whatever my hand finds to do. I am not a trained artist; I began to paint after a ‘calling’ from God, all the pictures and their messages have come to me during prayer or through dreams. I have a wonderful family who support me; I travel many places exhibiting and leading pray and paint workshops. My heart's desire is for artwork to be used for the Glory of God, whether in the home or at work. They are a universal witness without words, windows into the heart and mind of a loving Father. Whatever your desire, whether to buy or just look, my prayer is you be encouraged and guided along your journey just one more step.
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