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John Marshall
John grew up in Bordentown, NJ. He currently resides in Omaha, NE with his lovely wife Renee. Having studied art in college, John began his art career in the commercial art field. Prior to 1996, following family tradition, the majority of his employment had been in the construction sector as a carpenter/contractor. During that time he remained active in art, creating commissioned portraits in oil, pencil and pastel. He is strongly motivated to make clear God's wonderful truths with his paintings. John committed his life to Christ in 1979 and saw his priorities and lifestyle change dramatically. However, in 1983, while driving through the pines of New Jersey, he recalls having an overwhelming sense of unworthiness before God and recalls thinking to himself "I will never be with you (God) because you are perfect and I am not." Immediately following that thought, he felt his heart sink in frustration and despair. It was then that a perfect white cross appeared in the cloudless blue sky. At that moment God spoke emphatically and unmistakably into his spirit the words "The only reason you will be with me is because of what I did 2000 years ago." In that moment, John's understanding of how one gets justified before God was forever changed and clarified. Upon further reflection, he also realized that God had not just given him a license to sin, but rather was letting him know that his sin debt had been paid in full. (Colossians 1:20 - 22) That vision of the cross provided the inspiration for the painting entitled "Rescued" that a friend of John's posed for. The cross needs to be seen as a liberating force by those who willingly embrace Christ. The cross of Christ puts us on the plus side of life. John endeavors to inspire and encourage others through his art work. The Bible is God's most effective means of communicating spiritual truths, but the visual arts can do much to help emphasize and reinforce those same truths. John's desire is that the knowledge of God's perfect character, love and his endless wonders would be sought and found by many. Click to view John Marshall's Christian art.
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