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Jerry Anderson
Jerry Anderson, a widely recognized master of bronze sculpture, brings over fifty years of life, artistic learning, and a devout faith in Jesus to his most monumental work, ‘Come Unto Me.’ Throughout history, God has often directed his artists’ hands to communicate His ever-constant love for His people, and surely God directed Jerry’s hands through ‘Come Unto Me‘ as evidenced by the instilling of comfort and peace in the observer. “As I worked with my clay to create Come Unto Me,” says artist, Jerry Anderson, “I thought about my ailing, eighty-year-old mother and how it saddened me to see her losing her dignity to the aging process. I thought about her as she was when she was young and beautiful. I began to pray for God to help me create an inspiring piece of work that would be unique in concept and would express strong feelings, show sincerity in the execution of its form, and mostly have the presence to provide people who would see it a feeling of hope, peace, and the belief in eternal life.” Jerry Anderson took more than one year to complete the sculpting of the three statues in the bronze series for Come Unto Me, along with the impressive base and Veil. Just a moment in its presence reveals that he has sculpted with the greatest of care, each detail, both seen and unseen. His figure of the aging woman looking back to earth, a reflection of his own aging mother, is at once so familiar in its facial expression of hesitation that it becomes personally identifiable as was as the symbol of all humanity. The beautiful young woman passing through the darkness to the light of Our Savior radiates the joy of her newborn life. The figure of Jesus Christ, with outstretched hands and loving face, reflects the glory of Our risen Savior and invokes a universal feeling of faith. Come Unto Me is a work of bronze statuary as ennobling and beautiful as any seen in our modern centuries. It is truly a masterpiece of historical and spiritual significance and a profound artistic statement.
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