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Elfred Lee
Elfred Lee is an iconic Christian artist best known for his passion for biblical art that speaks to the heart. Born in Korea to missionary parents in 1940, Elfred Lee & his family were evacuated to the Philippines where they were captured and placed in prison camps for 3 years. There, at the age of 4, Elfred began drawing with colored pencils provided by an artist friend. In the winter of 1945 a daring raid by American paratroopers rescued the Lee’s and thousands of others from execution. Back in Korea, he continued to draw and paint until the Communist invasion in 1950. Traveling to Japan he studied with artists there, learning the patience and precision of the Asian Culture. During the Vietnam War, in the US Army, Elfred was chosen to receive Hollywood training in motion picture photography and sent on a special mission in 1967 to Vietnam. There he filmed and directed movies which are now part of the history of that war. On one night-mission he was shot down in a helicopter. Elfred has been on four expeditions up Mount Ararat in Turkey to search for Noah’s Ark. On one such mission in 1986, he even teamed up with Astronaut Jim Irwin. Political unrest has made these searches difficult and dangerous. He has interviewed and sketched the memories of native Armenian George Hagopian who saw the ark as a child during a drought in the early 1900’s. Elfred Lee’s education includes two Masters and an honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from San Jose State University, CA, Syracuse University, NY and Faith College Birmingham, AL with special training at the University of London, England and Hebrew University, Israel. He has taught at several colleges and universities in the US and Mexico including 9 years as founding chairman of the Art Department of Oakwood College, Huntsville AL.
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